I'm Sydney, a college girl from the good ol' South.

I think my mix of English major and marketing minor give me a blog-writing edge. I've wanted to blog since about seventh grade and am excited about finally forming a faithful blog!

This site is dedicated to all things related to my life, mainly things having to do with stories, though. I hope to update this little blog of randomness about once a week! Feel free to leave comments and share my posts throughout the internet.

Ask me questions or read my posts to get to know more about me. As the blog gets older, I hope to have an FAQ section here, so keep an eye out for that!

Any inquiries at all can go to writersays@gmail.com

My "signature" at the end of all of my posts is "Sweetgrass" by MakeMediaCo. on Creative Market. You can buy the font here. The font comes with a SimpleLicense, which allows for basic commercial use on a blog.

The photographs used for any posts either were taken by me, used with the permission of the photographer, or used from this package of photographs by Daniel Nanescu on Creative Market. This set comes with a SimpleLicense, which allows for any basic commercial use on a blog.

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